We are a Proud Member
Of Muni Madness

Muni Madness at Coos Golf Club happens every Sunday.  Join us for a fast-paced, fun game of golf like you’ve never played before.  In this skins game, we convert 9 holes to par 3s with payouts on the spot.  Show up early and sign up in the pro-shop.

Special Rules

  1. Only flat marks on the green.  Anything else is an obstacle and slows play.
  2. No angry golfers.  Golf fits are subject to heavy scrutiny.
  3. No practice swings on the tee, someone may get hit by a club.
  4. No side games.  After your 2nd shot misses, you’re done.
  5. Colliding ball rule – If two people putt at the same time while on the green and the balls collide, both balls are disqualified.
  6. No plum-bobbing.  The original Munilini doesn’t like it so that’s the rule.
  7. No double side reads.
  8. No quiet play.  If somebody says to be quiet…make fun of them.
  9. NO winter rules!  Do not touch the ball.

Beverage cart available during play and Clubhouse open afterwards.